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Odd being of the night
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This happened to me in 1998 or 1999 when I had a load going out west. I wasn't on an interstate. It was either a US or State highway I was using since where I was going was in the middle of nowhere.
I was tired so I pulled over, it was 1 or 2 in the morning. I parked at what you'd call a primitive rest area I guess. It was a small dirt rest area with not much room. Maybe enough for two semis or 4 cars.
I got in my bunk and was out like a light! I woke up because my cab was rocking. I thought it was just the wind maybe a storm was coming and closed my eyes.
Then I heard something scratching on the side of my door. The next part just took a few seconds, but time seemed to stop. I moved my curtain and looked out the driver's side window first. Then the front window where I saw red eyes staring back at me in front of my truck. As I got in my driver's seat to turn on the lights the being jumped on my hood and was glaring at me. That was close to a 7 feet straight up jump. It seemed like a human but not. Red eyes, ghost white skin, with a suit and a top hat. I put the truck in gear to leave. The being jumped straight up as I started moving. I wasn't waiting on anything, I was getting the hell out of there!
Recently I checked the internet to see if anyone else had anything like this happen to them. I found a few interesting things it could have been.
The most popular was the Hatman. Apparently he's something between a Shadow Person and the Grim Reaper. Most who see him feel almost paralyzed & have feeling of deep dread. Usually after seeing the Hatman very bad things start happening. Almost like the person is cursed!
Vampire was another possibility. Everyone has heard of all the extraordinary things a vampire can do.
Needless to say I was fortunate to leave without getting harmed! This was the first paranormal thing that happened to me since I was a child. Although other odd things have happened since this!

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