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Scary picture from my old house. Tags: Haunted house ghost ghost hunter scary ghost ghost picture

I bought this house 12 years ago last April. Not long after we moved in we had a lot of paranormal things happen at the house. This picture was taken by my then stepson for his Facebook page. If you look in the right side of the picture you can see what appears to be a little girl hanging down from the celing upside down. I also have EVP of a little girl answering a question Jason and I ask. This house was definatly haunted.


Isla de las Munecas - The Island of the Dolls Tags: mexico city dolls creepy haunted ghost doll island spirit possess

The Island of the Dolls Has a Murky and Terrifying History

By: Reuben Westmaas

There's just something really thrilling about a place with a dark and mysterious past. Take La Isla de las Muñecas, for example. An island covered with decaying old dolls strung up in trees is pretty creepy on its own — even before you get to the dark origin story.

October 31, 2019

Don Julian's Opus


The story of La Isla de las Muñecas ("The Island of the Dolls") is intimately entwined with the story of Don Julian Santana Barrera. A native of Xochimilco, a borough of Mexico City, Don Julian left his wife and family sometime in the mid-20th century to sequester himself on an island on Teshuilo Lake. His reasons for doing so are hazy at best, but as soon became clear, Santana Barrera was not necessarily of sound mind. Not long after relocating, he made a chilling discovery on the shores of his island: the body of a young girl, drowned in the lake. A doll came floating down the canals shortly afterward, changing the course of Santana Barrera's life and the shape of the island for years to come.


Alone on the island, Barrera took the doll and hung it from a tree in order to appease the spirit of the deceased girl. But, at least in the eyes of the man who now considered himself the island's caretaker, the one doll was not enough. For the next 50 years, Santana Barrera would scrounge dolls from the trash and from the canals, and hang them from the island's many trees. Some he'd hang whole, others in various states of disrepair — headless, torso-less, or taken apart in other ways.


These don't sound like the actions of a person with a healthy grasp on reality, and indeed, there are many doubts surrounding this legend. The biggest question? The reality of the little girl who died. Many people, including Don Julian's own family, didn't believe that he ever found the girl, although whether they believe he made it up, imagined the experience, or was somehow mistaken is unclear. What is clear is that whether the girl existed or not, Don Julian devoted the rest of his life to her. And perhaps creepiest of all, even the end of his life had clear ties to the story of the drowned child.


Death of a Doll Collector


In 2001, Don Julian Santana Barrera passed away. His body was discovered — you guessed it — drowned in the canal, in the exact place he always said he'd seen the little girl. In response, tourists began flocking to the island to pay tribute. They brought dolls of their own, and to this day people honor both Santana Barrera and the girl (whether she was real or not) by hanging up dolls in tribute. You can do so too. Many ferries stop here, making it a macabre must-see on any tour of these ancient Aztec canals.




This article first appeared on Curiosity.com. Click here to read the original article.

A Look At Ed And Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum Tags: Ed Warren Lorraine Warren Ghost hunting Warren's occult museum

The Warrens began their research in 1952 and decided to open the museum in the early 80’s, after their collection of haunted objects began to accumulate. It lies in the basement of the Warren home in Monroe, Connecticut, and contains haunted artifacts and images taken from their cases and exorcisms. Some objects were gifted to the Warrens because of their reputation within the paranormal community.
It’s dubbed the “oldest and only museum of its kind” by Ed and Lorraine. They boast that their occult museum is home to the largest variety of obscure and haunted objects, and many of the items are dangerously evil.

Among their collection is the infamous Raggedy-Ann doll, Annabelle, which was featured in THE CONJURING and ANNABELLE. The doll looks nothing like the one shown in the films, but it is just as deadly. Annabelle sits behind an enclosed case, illuminated in red light. Above the case is a crucifix to shy away the evil, and a sign below it that reads “Warning: Positively Do Not Open.”

The Warrens are convinced the doll is behind the death of a museum visitor who provoked Annabelle to inflict him harm. Moments after leaving the museum, the man got into a fatal motorcycle accident.
While Annabelle is certainly the most famous entity in the museum, there are other objects that are just as terrifying. Another doll featured in the museum is the Shadow Doll. The Shadow Doll reportedly visits people in their sleep like Freddy Krueger, and it has the ability to stop one’s heart.

It stands just a few feet tall, covered in a black cloak and has a head full of feather-like hair. Its beady eyes appear to be peering into your soul, as its mouth remains open in a permanent scream. This doll looks more frightening than Annabelle, but it remains out in the open, free to haunt anyone who touches it.
At the entrance of the museum you are greeted with shelves of skulls and candles, as well as a conjuring mirror. The mirror is used for summoning spirits, and just maybe, a bit of evil can slip through too. Shrunken heads and voodoo dolls smile in the dim-lit room, as a skeleton sits in a chair holding a Ouija board on his lap.


Ed’s ominous paintings depicting demonic possessions hang high for all to see, while a Satanic idol stands tall underneath. The idol was discovered in the Connecticut woods, and its lanky body is topped off with a horned head.
Nearby are the remnants of “Ghost Flight 401” on display. The plane crashed in 1972 in the Florida Everglades, and over 100 people were killed. Some believe that the cause for the crash was a phantom spirit. Although, investigators insist there was a mechanical issue at play.


The museum also houses Egyptian curses and mummies, cursed objects from Africa, and contains death curses! A vampire’s coffin used by a modern vampire awaits you while a haunted organ that plays by itself rests in another part of the room. Signs warning visitors not to touch anything are scattered throughout the area, presumably to prevent people from becoming possessed or haunted.
All of the paranormal articles can be seen by anyone, because the Warren home is open to visitors on special events. Paranormal enthusiasts are guided through the museum, and given a peek at Warren case files as well as a history behind the museum’s items.

The museum is full of countless haunted objects taken from cases all over the world. The amount of evil energy residing within the home must be palpable, and entering the occult museum should be done at your own risk. Being present among malevolent spirits can make you a target to their wicked wrath. Do you dare enter?

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